Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Defense of The Bachelor

Amidst its 18th season, the Bachelor continues to post record-breaking numbers.  Suckers like me find themselves glued to the TV every Monday to watch as women gush that they “may have found the one” just five minutes into the broadcast, we see producers jump at every opportunity to show Juan Pablo shirtless and listen as Chris Harrison predictably recites that “this will be the final rose tonight.”  As a member of a college that operates in a self-proclaimed bubble, I am well aware that certain institutions hardly mimic the real world.  The beauty of the Bachelor is the ability of the cast to buy into the notion that one is capable of finding love in a vacuum: one in which subjects like employment, politics and finances are never on the table and dates include private concerts and firework shows that span multiple continents.  Seemingly, the only questions people ask are “How many kids do you want?”  If you can get past this (and the fact that the Bachelor or Bachelorette is simultaneously dating several people, putting aside conventions of monogamy and engendering strange power dynamics), it becomes easy to indulge in the absurdity that is the show.  It’s why we can have a weekly recap on Betches Love This, create March Madness-style brackets and play Bachelor-themed drinking games.  And with that, my best guess at the final three: 




*Photos courtesy of ABC


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