Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break: Cabo Edition

“Mango Deck, you have to go to Mango Deck.”
“Don’t forget Squid Roe!”

“Should I do the 1-day cleanse at Pressed or the 3-day? #cabodiet”
Image via Instagram

No, these are not actual recorded conversations, but they might as well be.  Spring break has been on the mind of college students everywhere since the day second semester (or winter quarter) began.  It represented the light at the end of the tunnel, the motivation for pursuing something of a fitness routine and the justification for a new spring wardrobe.

While we no longer have “Girls Gone Wild” or MTV’s “Spring Break Countdown,” we have films like Spring Breakers to inspire a new generation of spring breakers, which Urban Dictionary affectionately defines as horny college students who travel en masse to resort destinations like Panama City Beach, Vegas or Cabo to partake in debauchery that usually results in hangovers, interesting pictures and great memories.

So, here's to the nights that you can't remember with the people that you won't forget.  And use protection (sun and otherwise).  Cheers!

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