Friday, May 23, 2014

Graduation Dresses 101

If your Facebook news feed is any indication (cap and gown selfies, anyone?) graduation season is upon us.  Cue impending fears about becoming a rent-paying, 401k contributing adult in the "real world" in which your college drinking habits now verge on the fence of alcoholism.  Oh, how times change.  But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  We have to get there first, which obviously begins with what you'll be wearing to graduation.  

Unlike high school, which mandated white dresses for girls, college graduation is a free for all.  But, before you go crazy, know that graduation is not the time to bust out that cutout sheer-paneled mini dress from Nasty Gal unless you welcome sticky-thighs-on-the-seat syndrome during commencement or disapproving looks from your grandmother.  Instead, opt for something nude or floral and passes the fingertip test.  And voila, you have the Otis stamp of approval!
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekly Web Roundup

Inspired by the Man Repeller's "the best of the Internet" and Cupcake and Cashmere's "Links I Love," I'm bringing you six of my favorite articles, gifs and videos from the week.  I hope you find the links as equally inspiring and thought provoking as I have.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Playlist

By now, you probably know about my proficiency in all things ratchet music related.  Tyga, YG, bring it on.  But I'm also surprisingly well equipped to deliver you a playlist you may not have known that you needed: Mother's Day inspired.  If your mother is anything like mine, Mother's Day is far too insufficient.  Come on, this is your mother we're talking about.  Certainly, the woman who birthed you and tolerated your middle school phase of "drop me off at the mall to hang out with my friends and don't talk to me," deserves an entire week of commemoration.  Perhaps a "mama" inspired playlist isn't exactly what you had in mind, particularly when 'ma is sometimes used as a casual term to hit on girls who are distinctly not your mother.  Anyway, take it or leave it:

*Note my expertise does not extend to technological savvy, thus the need for two differing music apps.

Met Gala Superlatives

The Met Gala.  It's the Oscars of fashion.  The one night a year when you can dress like a total man repeller, and no one can judge you for it.  Except for the hordes of styles blogs and tabloids with their "Worst Dressed" lists.  But hey, who ever said I'm one of them?  Which is why I'm bringing you my Met Gala superlatives.   Because perhaps you wanted to be known as the girl most likely to have gotten dressed in the dark.  I'm talking to you and that 80's prom dress, Sandra Lee.  So, without further ado:

1. Most True to Theme: Liu Wen in Zac Posen
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