Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Playlist

By now, you probably know about my proficiency in all things ratchet music related.  Tyga, YG, bring it on.  But I'm also surprisingly well equipped to deliver you a playlist you may not have known that you needed: Mother's Day inspired.  If your mother is anything like mine, Mother's Day is far too insufficient.  Come on, this is your mother we're talking about.  Certainly, the woman who birthed you and tolerated your middle school phase of "drop me off at the mall to hang out with my friends and don't talk to me," deserves an entire week of commemoration.  Perhaps a "mama" inspired playlist isn't exactly what you had in mind, particularly when 'ma is sometimes used as a casual term to hit on girls who are distinctly not your mother.  Anyway, take it or leave it:

*Note my expertise does not extend to technological savvy, thus the need for two differing music apps.

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