Tuesday, June 24, 2014

12 Reasons Why New York is Better Than San Francisco

These kind of statements tend to be polarizing...and the type you'd find on Buzzfeed -comical exaggerations purely orchestrated for page views, but nevertheless, here they are, and I believe in them unequivocally.  Plus, when you're justifying moving from a place in which you honestly can't recall the last time it rained to a place most recently known for its polar vortexes, you have to have reason.

1. Clubs don't close at 2am. And neither do diners (thanks Cafeteria for the early morning fuel!).
2. People don't conceive of a start up T-shirt and cargo shorts as an acceptable outfit in which to leave the house.
3. Public transportation. Enough said.
4. Dominican hair salons. I'm sorry, San Francisco, but your 6% black population (and rapidly declining) is doing nothing for my new growth.
5. Housing is expensive but not impossible.
6. Net-a-Porter has same day shipping.
7. Maybe this is unique to Palo Alto, but walk-in nail salons are not a foreign concept and don't cost the down payment on a new car.
8. Temperature doesn't swing 30-40 degrees, rendering your a.m. outfit impractical merely two hours later.
9. Seamless. 24/7.
10. Sample Sales -- just a quick look on Racked.com and you'll find yourself in sample sale Mecca (e.g. Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Dannijo).
11. Movies premiere here first.
12. Culture: SF MOMA is closed for the next 2 years? Meanwhile in New York, we have the Chelsea art galleries, MOMA, Guggenheim, Whitney, Brooklyn Museum, Jewish Museum, need I say more? Oh and don't forget about Broadway, Lincoln Center and the Apollo Theater.

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