Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hey, It's Okay

If you’ve ever read Glamour magazine, you’re well aware of their monthly “Hey, It’s Okay” feature, which highlights those rituals we do that may not be the most logical but nonetheless are human.  And hey, it’s okay.  You shouldn’t feel bad about your quirks.  I’ve compiled a list of those traits that I’m ready to publicly justify.

  1. To be reminded of Bring it On every time you brush your teeth next to someone
  2. To cry over a leather jacket
  3. To religiously follow someone’s Twitter or Instagram but refuse to validate their existence with an official “follow” (and subsequently be heartbroken when they decide to make their account private)
  4. To be more concerned with working out before a family vacation than for spring break
  5. To have a list of future baby names on the Notes app in your iPhone
  6. To have a secret Wedding board on Pinterest
  7. To keep setting that morning alarm to go on a run.  Someday?
  8. To use an $8 cold pressed juice as a chaser
  9. To not quite understand why Jeff Koons is the highest earning living artist in the world...Playdoh, seriously?
  10. To keep checking on that item in your shopping cart despite knowing full well you’re never going to complete the purchase and being irrationally upset when it sells out
  11. To not check the price on grocery items until you’re using your own money ($5 for a 16 oz. Honest Harvest bottle of coconut water? No thanks.)
  12. To download Tinder but be too afraid to actually message any of your matches.
  13. To see a matinee solo
  14. To be jealous of four-year old Aila Wang (Alexander Wang’s niece)’s wardrobe


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