Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly Web Roundup

1. Even when I don't buy anything from Intermix, I always leave feeling inspired by their styling.  They put together the most unique outfit combinations and this menswear inspired post is no different. (Style 3 Ways: Modern Menswear, Intermix)
2. Simply because it's about my alma matter. (To Young Minds of Today, Harvard is the Stanford of the East, New York Times)
3. A reverse bucket list?  Now that's new.  My reverse NYC bucket list would have to include watching the ball drop in Times Square for New Year's Eve, really doing anything in Times Square; drive -I've done it once, and that was enough; and lose power while living on the 32nd floor -it happened to my brother. Yikes. (What's on Your New York City Reverse Bucket List? New York Times)
4. Moving to a new city for someone, dating bicoastally, neither of which are attractive propositions but Mr. Right...The Cut investigates the modern relationship milestone. (Moving for Love, The Cut)
5. Talk about a good read from the perennial fixture on these weekly web roundups.  Not one to judge but if you're still sleeping together after two years, you're probably a delusional dater and just need to cut it off. (The Post-Relationship Crutch: When Sleeping With Your Ex Becomes a Cock Block, Vogue)
6. If the similarity attraction theory of psychology rings true and birds of a feather in fact do flock together, I should want a male version of me.  I envision someone who rocks Public School, subscribes to GQ and scours the inter-webs for the best restaurants every time he visits a new city.  But sometimes I think that could be exhausting, not to mention confining.  I foresee something of a warped reality in which we're completely unaware of opposing viewpoints, interests, a cave of sorts.  Now, that's no fun.  But someone who appreciates seeing Neiman Marcus on the credit card statement...that's hard to pass up.  (The Pros and Cons of Dating a Fashion Conscious Man, Vogue)


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