Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Navigate Sale Season

“Winter is coming! Winter is coming!”  It’s not.  But, sale season is here!  And if I the SAT’s reinstated analogies, commit to memory that Winter-is-coming is to Game of Thrones fanatic as Sale Season is to me.  And friends, we’re in the throes of it.  Before you prematurely blow through your budget, here’s the rules of navigating sale season.
1. What is sale season?

Retail’s seasons hark back to a bygone era where customers shopped for their entire season’s wardrobes at one time. Cue coats being delivered in August and wedges in February.  If last winter was any indication, the industry has finally recognized this is not sustainable (when it’s still 60 degrees in December, no one is buying that Canada Goose) and are trying to move to a buy now, wear now model.  But for now, you’re in luck!  By the end of the season, the retailer needs to clear through their inventory to prep for new inventory. And here’s where the discounts come in.

2. When does it start?

Memorial Day Weekend! Begin to expect an onslaught of emails about sales in the 40% off range.  For the retailer, there’s still time to clear through some merchandise, and they’re not trying to erode their margins.  Here’s when you hop on that item you’ve been diligently stalking all season. It’s probably been in your wishlist or shopping cart for months, so just go for it! The time is now.   If you’ve genuinely been coveting it and would be upset if it sold out, don’t hesitate because this is your chance.  If you’re more willing to wait for further discounts, hold off until the Fourth of July. Here’s when stores take an extra discount a la 60% off range.  It’ll be harder to come by your size, but talk about savings.  Now if you’re truly a bargain shopper, you’ll wait until Labor Day Weekend when stores are 80% off.  Expect it to be piece-y, but trust me it can be well worth the wait.

3. Does everything go on sale?

No! Note that if you’ve been coveting a Chanel 2.55, it won’t go on sale. In fact, it’ll probably be more expensive in a few months. That’s why they call it an investment piece. However, if you’ve been dying for the Fendi Buggy Bag, that will go on sale.  

Stella McCartney Slides Was $770 Now $231
Robert Clergerie Sandals Was $650 Now $389

Chloe Sandals Was $795 Now $477

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New York City Summer Bucket List

  1. Empire State building during sunset
Perhaps it’s just me, but visiting the Empire State building at midnight has been atop of my New York City bucket list since I discovered that the last elevator goes up at 1:15 am everyday.  It just seems like one of those quintessential New York moments or the perfect opportunity for the next big romcom’s meet cute.
  1. Yankees game
Baseball is one of the few NYC sporting events where the cheapest ticket is genuinely cheap.  You’ll pay for it in $10 beers, but there’s nothing like root, root, rooting for the home team on a warm summer night.
  1. NYC marathon
Congratulations should you be fit enough to run 26.2 miles. For the rest of us, why not go out and cheer on your fellow New Yorkers en route to brunch?
  1. Rooftop Bars (Frying Pan, Grand Banks)
Nothing says summer like the return of the rooftop bar or stationary booze cruise -hello, Grand Banks and PHD Rooftop.  We’ve been waiting.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why I’d Rather Not Call it a Date

Perhaps it’s shows like The Bachelor that romanticize the concept of an immediate and immeasurable “connection” that have propelled us to believe a romantic relationship necessitates butterflies, sweaty palms and a quick heartbeat, but there’s nothing wrong with a slow burn.  In fact, I’m advocate number one for the slow burn [(n): attraction that builds over time].
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