Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Hip-Hop, Does it Get Better?

Expertise.  It's something that we all have.  Some consider themselves specialists in finance (bankers), sport (athletes) or medicine (doctors).  My specialty just happens to come in the form of making throwback hip-hop playlists.  It just brings me back to those good 'ol middle school dances held in the school gym where teachers patrolled the dance floor instructing us to "save room for Jesus."  Or how I'd eagerly watch as AJ and Free presented the daily countdown on BET's 106 & Park trying to connect with my infantile notion of blackness.  So press play and get ready to transport back to the early 2000's.


*Photo courtesy of Alexander Wang x Beats by Dre.

Weekly Web Roundup

Inspired by the Man Repeller's "the best of the Internet" and Cupcake and Cashmere's "Links I Love," I'm bringing you six of my favorite articles, gifs and videos from the week.  I hope you find the links as equally inspiring and thought provoking as I have.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Defense of The Bachelor

Amidst its 18th season, the Bachelor continues to post record-breaking numbers.  Suckers like me find themselves glued to the TV every Monday to watch as women gush that they “may have found the one” just five minutes into the broadcast, we see producers jump at every opportunity to show Juan Pablo shirtless and listen as Chris Harrison predictably recites that “this will be the final rose tonight.”  As a member of a college that operates in a self-proclaimed bubble, I am well aware that certain institutions hardly mimic the real world.  The beauty of the Bachelor is the ability of the cast to buy into the notion that one is capable of finding love in a vacuum: one in which subjects like employment, politics and finances are never on the table and dates include private concerts and firework shows that span multiple continents.  Seemingly, the only questions people ask are “How many kids do you want?”  If you can get past this (and the fact that the Bachelor or Bachelorette is simultaneously dating several people, putting aside conventions of monogamy and engendering strange power dynamics), it becomes easy to indulge in the absurdity that is the show.  It’s why we can have a weekly recap on Betches Love This, create March Madness-style brackets and play Bachelor-themed drinking games.  And with that, my best guess at the final three: 




*Photos courtesy of ABC


Add to Wishlist

Starting January 1, I self-imposed a shopping fast.  60 days.  Zero clothes shopping.  While that might not sound tough for some, we're talking about forgoing Net-a-Porter's semi-annual sale.  You'd be hard pressed to find any clotheshorse who would willingly give up Alexander Wang 70% off -just ask the woman in line at his sample sale in New York last summer who declared it "the best day of [her] life."  Barring two minor slip ups (Stanford Shopping Center, why do you tempt me so?), I've been okay thus far.  What's helping me through this trying time?  Creating wishlists and lots of them.  It's the closest thing to "add to shopping cart" and I know that for at least the 30 minutes the website reserves the items, everything is all mine.  And with that, I'm bringing what's currently on my sartorial wishlist.


Monday, January 27, 2014

(Otis) Unfiltered

“Beer then liquor, never been sicker.  Liquor then beer, you’re in the clear.”  It’s just one of those sayings we’ve all heard and undoubtedly accept.  Somewhere along the road, fashion bloggers collectively accepted that their qualifications include owning a Celine Luggage bag, a Brian Lichtenbeg “Homies” T-shirt and Nike Frees.  I hope to subscribe less to the calculated equation that we have come to know as a fashion blogger and well, "let my freak flag fly" as they say.  Anyone that knows me is well aware that there is not a cohesive Allison that I’m trying to project.  I’m the girl who will have a green juice for breakfast and McDonald’s for lunch; pay $30 for a class at Soul Cycle but complain about the 10 cent shopping bag charge in Palo Alto; and watch the Giants game while painting my nails. And with that, welcome to my blog: (Otis) Unfiltered bringing you a little something different every day of the week.
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