Monday, January 27, 2014

(Otis) Unfiltered

“Beer then liquor, never been sicker.  Liquor then beer, you’re in the clear.”  It’s just one of those sayings we’ve all heard and undoubtedly accept.  Somewhere along the road, fashion bloggers collectively accepted that their qualifications include owning a Celine Luggage bag, a Brian Lichtenbeg “Homies” T-shirt and Nike Frees.  I hope to subscribe less to the calculated equation that we have come to know as a fashion blogger and well, "let my freak flag fly" as they say.  Anyone that knows me is well aware that there is not a cohesive Allison that I’m trying to project.  I’m the girl who will have a green juice for breakfast and McDonald’s for lunch; pay $30 for a class at Soul Cycle but complain about the 10 cent shopping bag charge in Palo Alto; and watch the Giants game while painting my nails. And with that, welcome to my blog: (Otis) Unfiltered bringing you a little something different every day of the week.
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