Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How Elitist Is Your Diet?

At some point, the fashion set traded Diet Coke and cigarettes for green juice and boutique fitness classes.  Sayonara Studio 54, helloooo Gotham Gym.  Enter 2016 where the latest luxury is the ability to afford a bankrupting Juice Press habit, and there is social cachet for eating clean.  Where do you rank on the scale of strawberry-PopTarts-as-fruit to raw-vegan-no-bake-energy-bites-as-dessert?

  1. Do you have any of these superfoods in your pantry (spirulina -trick question; it’s supposed to be refrigerated!, flax seeds, chia seeds, matcha powder, goji berries or cacoa nibs)
  2. Do you only eat organic?
  3. Do you exclusively eat locally sourced food?
  4. Do you eat gluten-free despite not being celiac?
  5. Is dairy the devil?  “Unsweetened almond milk matcha latte, please!”
  6. Do you subscribe to Goop?
  7. Do you subsist on $11 jars of Justin’s Organic Almond Butter?
  8. Have you tried a soup cleanse?
  9. Have you spiralized vegetables to make “zoodles” (zucchini noodles for the uninitiated)?
  10. Do you follow any of the following Instagram accounts: thecrunchyradish, nutritionstripped, nourishkitchentable or wellandgoodnyc?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Restaurant Reviews: The Black Ant

Despite an affinity for what's trending, as evidenced by my incessant checking of the Eater’s HeatMap, which details the hottest restaurants by city, certain restaurants achieve staple designation.  After three visits in a single month, The Black Ant has safely secured its spot.  This isn’t Dos Caminos.  It’s its cooler, distant cousin. Expect the atypical -tequila and corn juice cocktails with a black ant salt rim, mezcal braised shortribs and cactus tacos.  For the budget conscious, I recommend going during happy hour, which runs from 4-7pm daily.  Arrive at 6:45, order a couple of $6 margaritas (+$1 for the Spicy Jalapeno or Cucumber), definitely the guacamole (with jicama and black ant salt), and any of the $8 entrees.  Trust me on this one.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 Signs You Follow Too Many Models on Instagram

1. You’ve started to rationalize $40 classes at ModelFIT.

2. You’re now on a first name basis with Karlie, Kendall and Cara.

3. You may or may not have bought the Calvin Klein Modern Cotton bra and underwear set in every color to have your own #mycalvins selfie.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

36 Hours in Charleston

There’s nothing like a little Southern charm to combat a dreary East Coast winter (#snowpocalypse), which explains my impromptu weekend jaunt to Charleston, South Carolina this January.  Influenced by the New York Times’ “36 Hours” column, I bring to you the first post in a new series titled Otis Unfiltered in... about my favorite travel destinations and how best to spend your time.

Thankful for my fellow foodie

Monday, May 25, 2015

What You Should Be Reading This Summer

Summer reading list.  These three words used to instill panic.  What began as a manageable three books in three months would inevitably become three books in three days.  But somehow in abandoning the "mandatory" title, summer reading has become something I look forward to.  Rather than be holed up watching Netflix, I'd rather be in the park or on the beach curled up with a book (rosé also welcome).  So let's toast to summer water and summer reading!

For suggestions, here are a few of my favorite books I've read this past year.

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