Thursday, November 12, 2015

5 Signs You Follow Too Many Models on Instagram

1. You’ve started to rationalize $40 classes at ModelFIT.

2. You’re now on a first name basis with Karlie, Kendall and Cara.

3. You may or may not have bought the Calvin Klein Modern Cotton bra and underwear set in every color to have your own #mycalvins selfie.

4. You get irrationally upset during major fashion events.  Think the Met gala, fashion week, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Um...did my invite get lost in the mail?

5. You think Derek Blasberg would be your best friend too.  But seriously how does this St. Louis kid find himself dining with Marc Jacobs, running half-marathons with Karlie Kloss and at the opera with Nicole Richie?  Seriously, show me your ways.


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