Thursday, June 22, 2017

What I've Been Listening To: SZA

I must confess that I’m not a music aficionado.  I can’t identify a Nina Simone sample on a Kanye track without the help of  I don’t describe beats as “hiccuping” or synthesizers as “glitched-out” with the finesse of a Rolling Stone editor.  But I know what I like: clever bars and a beat that makes me unconsciously diddy bop (thus my proclivity for trap); and what I don’t like: aggressive techno and country music.

And what I love?  SZA. Ctrl.

Image by W Magazine
Syrupy, trance-like vocals paired with raw, unfiltered bars that perfectly describe the weirdness, insecurity and uncertainty of being a 20-something black female navigating modern romance? Yes, please.  Below is just a taste of five of my favorite verses, but if you haven’t been listening to Ctrl on repeat, do your ears a favor.  Not to be blasphemous, but I'm talking Drake's lyricism and Frank's emotional depth.  Ok, go!

20 Something: 20 something, all alone still/Not a thing in my name / Ain't got nothin', runnin' from love / Only know fear / That's me, Ms. 20 Something
If only we stopped buying avocado toast, maybe we'd be homeowners!

Supermodel: I been secretly banging your homeboy / Why you in Vegas all up on Valentine's Day
Classic "make him jealous" trope but IRL (SZA did that).

Drew Barrymore: Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark the blunt / Let's start the Narcos off at episode one

Garden: You know I'm sensitive about having no booty / Having no body / Only you, buddy / Can you hold me when nobody's around us
Body image issues, ugh. Just tell me I'm pretty.

Go Gina: Picking up a penny with a press-on is / Easier than holding you down
Never had a press on, but sounds about right!

Image by Rolling Stone

Image by NYMagazine


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